Little Sprout

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.
The second best time is now
-Chinese Proverb.
(Stumbled upon one fine day from Dividend Magic‘s site)

Short term goal
+ 50k investment
+ To receive dividend every month

Long term goal
+ To have a steady stream of passive income
+ To pay off my mortgage in 20 years

Year 2018
Almost all of it are re-invested, except for interest received in M2U-i & some EFD, it’s sitting in my savings which is M2u-i.

Airy’s Lil Sprout
+13% compared with previous year still less than what I hoped for (RM1200)

Year 2019
I’ll update with a photo by the end of this year. Just text for now.
This year’s target RM1,500.
Jan – RM33.27
Feb – RM25.13
Mar – RM37.07
Apr – RM98.29
May – RM9.20
June – RM347.08
July – RM104.04
August – RM299.84