K is three!

Working from home is more hectic than working in the office. I have been procrastinating about updating my monthly budget because I bought (quite) a lot of stuff. I will lock the little shopping monster in the basement!

I’ve been owning my car for 3 years plus. Read my update last year here.

Year 03: 2019 / 2020

Total Year 3 of ownership;- RM8,649.80 (RM720.82 per month).
Total cost for 3 years of ownership RM32,663.68 (RM907.32 per month). I had to recalculate it because I couldn’t believe it. But damage has been done, lesson learned. I’m going to drive it for as long as it will last and takes really good care of it. I still have RM23k of loan to serve. This is just for a local car. I couldn’t imagine how’s the number for an imported car. And I only drives it to work, fuel up once a fortnight (I have not been to a gas station for 2 months cuz that’s how long I’ve been working from home).

I took the moratorium to build up my Emergency Fund from previously 3 months to 5 months now. Short term plan is 6 months EF, ideally 1 year but the FD rate is just sad. I also put on hold my debt free plan and focus on investment instead.


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