Everything I bought from H website (Part 02)

One night while being curious about how much money I have spend on H website, I’ve screen cap all my purchases (luckily they kept all the records) for self-reflecting purpose. It’s a good reminder for me to become more mindful with my spending. Anyway, read Part 1.
2017: Key word of the year “Stock”
(no, not the ones from Bursa)

Feb 2017
  1. Physiogel Lotion – I was searching for a lotion for my eczema that came out of nowhere.
  2. Senka Perfect White Clay – One tube last forever about a year of almost daily usage.
Aug 2017: Kinda surprised I didn’t buy anything for 6 months.
  1. L’Oreal Lotion – At that time I read about one product from the same line and wanted to try it but was not available in the market. Bought this to “try”. Just a normal lotion.
  2. Nature Republic Aloe Vera – Sold this to a colleague in need.
Second purchase in Aug 2017
  1. Nature Republic Aloe Vera – Bought this hoping that it will be able to help to sooth the itch from my eczema. Use it religiously for a while, until I got too lazy to transfer it from the big tub to a smaller container because of hygiene.
  2. Miss Hana Brush Set – Wanted to start wearing eye shadow to office so I bought a set of cheap brushes to “practice”.
  3. Senka Perfect Watery Oil – Since I use cleansing oil almost on a daily basis, I will buy any brands that’s on sale.
  4. L’Oreal Lotion – Bought this as a gift.
Oct 2017
  1. Miss Hana Brush Set – This is a good example of mindless shopping. Why did I get the same thing again?
  2. Ryo Anti-hair loss Treatment – My fav treatment. I use this as a mask for my scalp for healthy scalp and hair regrowth.
  3. A’pieu Healthy Scalp Doctor Tonic – Gives a minty feeling on scalp after spraying and massaging. But one bottle is not enough to see any result.

Second purchase in Oct 2017
  1. Ryo Anti-hair loss Treatment – Stocking up when the price is low. You can get it from watsons now but it’s more expensive now (RM36 last checked in Aug 2019).
Got sucked into the Dec sales rabbit hole. First Dec 2017 purchase
  1. Skin Food Rice Wash Off Mask – Pretty decent wash off mask. It smells so delicious.
  2. Mise En Scene Perfect Repair – Bought this as a gift for Secret Santa.

Second Dec 2017 purchase
  1. Dr. Morita Mask – I was running low on sheet mask and decided to try this brand because normally it’s quite expensive. (But after participating in L’Occitane’s recycling program, I think I’ll stop using sheet mask). Bought one set as gift and one set for myself.
  2. Ryo Anti-hair loss Treatment – Stocking it up because at that time it isn’t available locally.

Third Purchase in Dec 2017

I’ve unlocked the shopaholic. The stock hoarding shopaholic that once was slumbering at the back of my lil mind. Oh no!
1. Dr. Morita Mask – More mask for the stock because it’s “cheap”. At that time I really think that way. That’s how sales can play with our mind.

Last purchase for 2017
  1. Ryo Anti-hair loss Treatment – Stock while you can.
  2. Mise En Scene – One for myself and one as a gift. I miss this brand from H site. It really makes my hair smooth and tangle free.

Actually I’m afraid to calculate the total for 2017 after reviewing my December purchases. But we have to face the cold harsh truth in order to learn from your mistakes. Here goes nothing. *drum roll* RM643.66 for 9 purchases (4 of it in December or 28.7%). And RM172.73 of it is gifts for others. On average RM53.65 per month, minus the random trip to local pharmacy.
Favourite products from 2017 purchases;- Ryo hair treatment & Mise En Scene hair oil!
Next up, 2018 purchases!


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