Everything I bought from H website (Part 01)

Do you consider taking care of your own skin as an investment? I’d like to think of it as an investment, at least in an abstract kinda way. That’s why previously I won’t hesitate to spend money to buy beauty products. At one point I was kind of proud becoming a Gold Member for H site. But after embarking in the whole debt free journey, I am more mindful with my spending. Now I’m in the midst of finishing up my stocks and in future will only buy essential stuff that works on my skin.

Anyway, let me just do a big beauty review of all the stuff I bought from H site since 2015 and mourn a bit for all the money wasted shopping instead of investing.

Year 2015 – 2016

First purchase Dec 2015. I guess I was attracted with the free gift
  1. Miss Hana Eyeliner – I do not wear eye makeup *period*. Why, dear 4 years younger self, do you waste money on buying something you don’t use? I remember reading about it somewhere and wanted to try. Pretty waterproof.
  2. 3W Clinic Collagen Hand Cream – A normal hand cream. I got this to get the free shipping.
Second purchase: Feb 2016
  1. Bioderma Toner – Best toner ever!!! A very moisturizing toner for me. The moment it hits your skin, it’s as if your skin is gulping it up. Love it but it’s too expensive.
  2. Too Cool For School Oil Sheet – Bought it to get free shipping. Just a normal oil blotting paper that does the job.
May 2016
  1. Yadah Starter Kit – Bought this because I was looking for something to combat my oily skin. Didn’t work for me.
  2. Sulwhasoo Mini Care Set – Bought this set to try the first care activating serum and since made me a little fan of this product.
  3. Petitfree eye mask – At one point I was crazy about eye mask but not discipline enough to do it on a daily or weekly basis thus no results.
  4. B.liv Try Out Pack – Bought this to try the pore care thingy. To little to see any results.

Aug 2016
  1. Sulwhasoo Mini Care Set – Wanted to try this series a bit longer.
  2. Sulwhasoo First Care Serum – See, I’m a little fan of their First Care Activating Serum. It absorbs quickly into my skin and doesn’t make it oily. I have super duper oily skin. I hope I burn calories producing oil on my face.
Oct 2016: Just came back from Korea to buy more Korean stuff
  1. Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask – Read great reviews about it but I think it breaks me out.
  2. Ryo Anti-hair loss Treatment – I have fine hair genetic. A little bit of me die inside every time a hair-dresser reminds me about it (though they might no have any ill-intention). My hair has been shedding like crazy since forever but this treatment helps with the regrowth. Every week or so I have been religiously using this as a scalp mask. After shampooing, I will apply it generously on my scalp (yes, you can use it on your scalp) and leave it for 30 – 40 mins covered in a shower cap. And it will make your hair silky smooth.
Nov 16
  1. Ryo Hambitmo Conditioner – I use conditioner on a daily basis, so bought this to try it out. For me it’s just a normal conditioner. I don’t have damaged hair to begin with.
  2. Pascucci Cucumber Soothing Gel – Got this as free gift.
  3. Nature Aloe Vera Mist – This is good for lazy people like me. I use this after washing my face because sometimes it feels kind of ‘tight’ after washing.
Dec 2016: Buying for the sake of free gift?!
  1. Nature Republic Cleansing Oil – I use cleansing oil almost on a daily basis, and as I don’t have a preferred brand for it, I will buy when there’s promotion for it. I can say that it does the job well.
  2. Nature Aloe Vera Mist – Bought this as a gift for my friend.
  3. Holika Holika Beauty Bloody Oil Tint – My first and last oil tint from tint craze time. It’s hard to clean and still sitting in my drawer.

7 purchases in year 2015 / 2016. Total damage RM446.70 (RM38 p/m). After going through all my purchases, there are only 3 items that I really like;- Bioderma Toner, Ryo Anti-hair loss treatment and Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Serum.

2017 purchases coming up next.


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