L’Occitane – Big Little Things

I want to recycle all these but I can’t find a way to do it until now.

Accidentally found out about this campaign while I was googling about one of the product that I want to try. And I can exchange for the 5 ml sample if I recycle 18 full-sized beauty product packaging, the best part is they accept any brands. At first I was kinda lazy to do that because I thought I have to bring in 18 empties, but I was wrong. You will receive a travel size product by L’Occitane for every 6 full-sized empties that you recycle.

So I spend one weekend morning cleaning and sorting out all the empty bottles in my house. I want to recycle it but I can’t find a way to do it until now.

I hope this will be able to help give you a rough idea on what can be recycled in this program.
Just make sure they are clean and dry

a) Beauty Packaging
Shiseido Aqualabel Deep Clear Oil Cleansing – 150 ml x 1
b) Skin Care Packaging
Johnson’s pH 5.5 Nourishing Body Wash – 1000 ml x 2
Johnson’s pH 5.5 2 in 1 body wash – 750 ml x 1
Guardian Mediterranean Grape Seed Oil Body Wash – 470 ml x 1
Iope Bio Essence Intensive Conditioning – 168 ml x 2
Guardian’s Aloe Vera Gel – 250 ml x 1
Hada Labo Arbutin Whitening Essence – 30 ml x 2
Innisfree Jeju lava seawater intensive Ampoule – 30 ml x 1
Skinfood Rice Mask Wash Off – 100 ml x 1
Laneige Multiberry Yogurt Repair Pack – 80 ml x 1
The Face Shop Chia Seed No Shine Hydrating Cream – 50 ml x 1
Physiogel Lotion – 200 ml x 1
c) Hair Care Packaging
Ryo Hair Strengthening Shampoo – 400 ml x 1
Wowo Pure Ginger Shampoo – 300 ml x 1
Watson’s Hair Strengthening Shampoo – 400 ml x 1
Ryo Hair Loss Care Treatment – 300 ml x 1
Pantene Conditioner Hair Fall Control – 180 ml x 1

Not counted but they will accept it to be recycled.
Dr. G White Aura Lotion – 140 ml x 1 (Min volume 250 ml for toner)
Loreal Hydrafresh Anti-Ox Spa Water – 130 ml x 1 (same as above)
Tsubaki Volume Touch Shampoo – 200 ml x 1 (Min volume 250 ml for shampoo)

Did a rough calculation of the products above and it comes to a total RM1250,78. OMG!

Seeing all the waste that I have accumulated in one year or two, it makes me wonder about all the ones that I’ve tossed out all my life. I wouldn’t mind not being rewarded for recycling because I know I can take a small part in reducing the waste filling the landfill.
For more info about this program, go to;- Big Little Things website.

P/S: I got me sample and I am happy.

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