Little Sprout: June 2019

Slow and steady

Goal for this year is to get RM1,500 from interest & dividend.
Every little bit counts for me. #SmallIncomeBigDreams

This has been a slow year.

First post about this, let me do some explanation.
M2u-i: For “Sinking Fund” (Travel, car maintenance, impulse purchase, “parking” Emergency Fund until it’s enough for EFD placement). Some of the interest from my EFD will go to this account as well.
HLEB: I will transfer a set amount monthly to buy stocks when the price is right. It pays interest if you have a minimum of RM1,000.
Shares: Dividend from stock.
U.Trust: The first investment I did. I have 2 different unit trust with MBB and one PRS. Each counter is supposed to pay dividend but only received dividend from one counter. Last check still no paper lost. (Thankfully)
EFD: My Emergency Fund. Now just 50% of my 6 months expenses target. I try to set so that the interest is added into the principle. But some won’t let me do that.

Mid Year review
This year’s progress has been slow for both investment and dividend. Initially for this year I planned to invest RM10,000 before discovering the Debt Free Community. Right now I’m focusing on eliminating my consumer debt (Hire Purchase) before concentrating on my investment so I can put more fund to it but I will still put a small percentage of my salary into investment.

Investment Progress up until June 2019
JAN – MAR (RM1,350)
Can read from my IG post.
APR – JUNE (RM1,286.50)
Trust account: RM50
RSP: RM125
Dividend: RM79.50
Trust account: RM587
PRS: RM125
Dividend: RM320
Total JAN – JUNE 2019: RM2,636.50 (26.4%) from my RM10,000 goal.

“Slow progress is better than no progress.”


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