K is two!

K is my knight in shining armour (quiet literally).
(In five years time he’ll be wholly mine. Now still technically belongs to PB.)
^ it was written before I was “enlighten”.

Before I were into the whole #DebtFree concept recently, I was quiet contented paying the monthly installment like most people. But now I have a change of heart and mission. I want to cut short the tenure. Especially knowing the numbers for the cost of ownership for just 2 years. I can’t imagine what the numbers are for imported car and this is supposed to be an affordable car (say what?!).

Car ownership cost
Hi I’m K.
Apparently this is the only photo my owner has.

Today’s topic: Car Ownership.
Before this I was driving a second hand manual kancil that I bought with RM5,600 of cold hard cash and fixing it with another RM2,000 in two major services. It served me well for 20 months before I decided to buy a new car because rainwater is leaking into the interior, and with my wild imagination of the floor suddenly giving way and slicing my body into two or more parts while on the road (gory, i know), it only make sense to get a new and affordable car. My criteria is simple, small.

I’ve been diligently jotting down my car expenses for the past two years because data is beautiful. And I always wanted to know how much it cost me to own it.

Let’s see the beautiful data.
Year 01: 2017

On average about RM1099.14 per month

Year 02: 2018

On average about RM708.48 per month

Year 02: 2019

For the sake of a full 2 years ownership cost

And the numbers are in…
For a full 2 years ownership cost for a brand new Perodua Axia SE;- RM24,240.50 (on average RM1,010.00 a month). I’m surprised with the number. With an additional of RM7,000, I can buy a brand new lower spec one and it’s not even half way yet. OMG.

And I still have around RM30k loan to pay. But I did not regret buying this car because to commute from my place to work and back, I’ll have to take 4 – 5 public transport (Bus > LRT > Company’s Van (or Grab if missed) > Work > Company Van (or Grab if missed) > LRT > Bus). And I’ll have to be very punctual and waste a lot of time commuting. But if I have a car, I’ll have more freedom and less stress.

Before this when I was a student, I used to take a lot of public transport and met all sorts of stalkers and weirdos. It’s really not safe to take public transportation at night, that I can say.

So the next step is to plan for an early exit.

P/S: My fancy big company with a new customer-centric CEO told us we are getting BONUS. This is the quote that I like from the meeting, “If you think you are too big to do small things, you are too small to do big things.” I will humbly serve my client well so please give me a big fat bonus. Key word is: FAT! haha


5 thoughts on “K is two!

  1. Great insight into cost of car ownership, Airy! Love this data/numbers-oriented post, look forward to reading more about your debt-free journey! So inspiring


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