Link Hire Purchase Account to your PB Online account.

I’m not the only one wondering about this matter;-
All I can say is Public Bank is indeed a conservative bank. With other banks, any Hire Purchase or Mortgages accounts are automatically linked with your online account. At least I can say that for RHB and Maybank.

Every now and then I will randomly clicked on the Loan / Finance tab only to be greeted by the error message asking me to contact them. I’ve been procrastinating about linking my Hire Purchase account to my online PB account for a while now because it’s automatically paid on the 25th, plus it seems like a hassle to drive all the way to PB on a working day. Finally get it done today. And I felt like a noobie because you can totally do it on your own!!! Did I not search PB’s site well enough for tutorials?

How to link your Hire Purchase account to your PB Online account
(or any other accounts under your name, for joint accounts you will have to visit the branch because you need to submit some forms).
First login to your online PB account.
Then go to “Profile Maintenance” > “Manage Profile”

Step One

Then go to “Add / Delete Account” > “Add” > Select the type of account you want to add, fill in the details (for Hire Purchase you will need your “Account Number” and “Notes” > request PAC and it’s DONE.

Step Two

The entire process ends in less than 10 minutes, took an extra a minute or two because I menggelabah a bit after keying the wrong password. I was never comfortable login into my online banking accounts with my phone. I did it in two desperate occasions, one was today.

Speaking about Hire Purchase, how many are comfortable with using Standing Instruction or auto-payment on the due date? There was once my friend ask me “Aren’t you afraid your loan isn’t paid?” To be honest that never really occurred to me. And if that really happens, I would have gotten a notice by the 3rd month, right?

I’ve also seen those who tirelessly withdraw cash and deposit into the cash deposit machine every single month to pay for their loan, some who has to have physical receipt. Some who has “trust issue” with Standing Instruction and will pay online on due date. I’m the set and forget type.

That’s all for now.


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