Everything I bought from H website (Part 01)

Do you consider taking care of your own skin as an investment? I’d like to think of it as an investment, at least in an abstract kinda way. That’s why previously I won’t hesitate to spend money to buy beauty products. At one point I was kind of proud becoming a Gold Member for H site. But after embarking in the whole debt free journey, I am more mindful with my spending. Now I’m in the midst of finishing up my stocks and in future will only buy essential stuff that works on my skin.

Anyway, let me just do a big beauty review of all the stuff I bought from H site since 2015 and mourn a bit for all the money wasted shopping instead of investing.

Year 2015 – 2016

First purchase Dec 2015. I guess I was attracted with the free gift
  1. Miss Hana Eyeliner – I do not wear eye makeup *period*. Why, dear 4 years younger self, do you waste money on buying something you don’t use? I remember reading about it somewhere and wanted to try. Pretty waterproof.
  2. 3W Clinic Collagen Hand Cream – A normal hand cream. I got this to get the free shipping.
Second purchase: Feb 2016
  1. Bioderma Toner – Best toner ever!!! A very moisturizing toner for me. The moment it hits your skin, it’s as if your skin is gulping it up. Love it but it’s too expensive.
  2. Too Cool For School Oil Sheet – Bought it to get free shipping. Just a normal oil blotting paper that does the job.
May 2016
  1. Yadah Starter Kit – Bought this because I was looking for something to combat my oily skin. Didn’t work for me.
  2. Sulwhasoo Mini Care Set – Bought this set to try the first care activating serum and since made me a little fan of this product.
  3. Petitfree eye mask – At one point I was crazy about eye mask but not discipline enough to do it on a daily or weekly basis thus no results.
  4. B.liv Try Out Pack – Bought this to try the pore care thingy. To little to see any results.

Aug 2016
  1. Sulwhasoo Mini Care Set – Wanted to try this series a bit longer.
  2. Sulwhasoo First Care Serum – See, I’m a little fan of their First Care Activating Serum. It absorbs quickly into my skin and doesn’t make it oily. I have super duper oily skin. I hope I burn calories producing oil on my face.
Oct 2016: Just came back from Korea to buy more Korean stuff
  1. Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask – Read great reviews about it but I think it breaks me out.
  2. Ryo Anti-hair loss Treatment – I have fine hair genetic. A little bit of me die inside every time a hair-dresser reminds me about it (though they might no have any ill-intention). My hair has been shedding like crazy since forever but this treatment helps with the regrowth. Every week or so I have been religiously using this as a scalp mask. After shampooing, I will apply it generously on my scalp (yes, you can use it on your scalp) and leave it for 30 – 40 mins covered in a shower cap. And it will make your hair silky smooth.
Nov 16
  1. Ryo Hambitmo Conditioner – I use conditioner on a daily basis, so bought this to try it out. For me it’s just a normal conditioner. I don’t have damaged hair to begin with.
  2. Pascucci Cucumber Soothing Gel – Got this as free gift.
  3. Nature Aloe Vera Mist – This is good for lazy people like me. I use this after washing my face because sometimes it feels kind of ‘tight’ after washing.
Dec 2016: Buying for the sake of free gift?!
  1. Nature Republic Cleansing Oil – I use cleansing oil almost on a daily basis, and as I don’t have a preferred brand for it, I will buy when there’s promotion for it. I can say that it does the job well.
  2. Nature Aloe Vera Mist – Bought this as a gift for my friend.
  3. Holika Holika Beauty Bloody Oil Tint – My first and last oil tint from tint craze time. It’s hard to clean and still sitting in my drawer.

7 purchases in year 2015 / 2016. Total damage RM446.70 (RM38 p/m). After going through all my purchases, there are only 3 items that I really like;- Bioderma Toner, Ryo Anti-hair loss treatment and Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Serum.

2017 purchases coming up next.


L’Occitane – Big Little Things

I want to recycle all these but I can’t find a way to do it until now.

Accidentally found out about this campaign while I was googling about one of the product that I want to try. And I can exchange for the 5 ml sample if I recycle 18 full-sized beauty product packaging, the best part is they accept any brands. At first I was kinda lazy to do that because I thought I have to bring in 18 empties, but I was wrong. You will receive a travel size product by L’Occitane for every 6 full-sized empties that you recycle.

So I spend one weekend morning cleaning and sorting out all the empty bottles in my house. I want to recycle it but I can’t find a way to do it until now.

I hope this will be able to help give you a rough idea on what can be recycled in this program.
Just make sure they are clean and dry

a) Beauty Packaging
Shiseido Aqualabel Deep Clear Oil Cleansing – 150 ml x 1
b) Skin Care Packaging
Johnson’s pH 5.5 Nourishing Body Wash – 1000 ml x 2
Johnson’s pH 5.5 2 in 1 body wash – 750 ml x 1
Guardian Mediterranean Grape Seed Oil Body Wash – 470 ml x 1
Iope Bio Essence Intensive Conditioning – 168 ml x 2
Guardian’s Aloe Vera Gel – 250 ml x 1
Hada Labo Arbutin Whitening Essence – 30 ml x 2
Innisfree Jeju lava seawater intensive Ampoule – 30 ml x 1
Skinfood Rice Mask Wash Off – 100 ml x 1
Laneige Multiberry Yogurt Repair Pack – 80 ml x 1
The Face Shop Chia Seed No Shine Hydrating Cream – 50 ml x 1
Physiogel Lotion – 200 ml x 1
c) Hair Care Packaging
Ryo Hair Strengthening Shampoo – 400 ml x 1
Wowo Pure Ginger Shampoo – 300 ml x 1
Watson’s Hair Strengthening Shampoo – 400 ml x 1
Ryo Hair Loss Care Treatment – 300 ml x 1
Pantene Conditioner Hair Fall Control – 180 ml x 1

Not counted but they will accept it to be recycled.
Dr. G White Aura Lotion – 140 ml x 1 (Min volume 250 ml for toner)
Loreal Hydrafresh Anti-Ox Spa Water – 130 ml x 1 (same as above)
Tsubaki Volume Touch Shampoo – 200 ml x 1 (Min volume 250 ml for shampoo)

Did a rough calculation of the products above and it comes to a total RM1250,78. OMG!

Seeing all the waste that I have accumulated in one year or two, it makes me wonder about all the ones that I’ve tossed out all my life. I wouldn’t mind not being rewarded for recycling because I know I can take a small part in reducing the waste filling the landfill.
For more info about this program, go to;- Big Little Things website.

P/S: I got me sample and I am happy.

Little Sprout: June 2019

Slow and steady

Goal for this year is to get RM1,500 from interest & dividend.
Every little bit counts for me. #SmallIncomeBigDreams

This has been a slow year.

First post about this, let me do some explanation.
M2u-i: For “Sinking Fund” (Travel, car maintenance, impulse purchase, “parking” Emergency Fund until it’s enough for EFD placement). Some of the interest from my EFD will go to this account as well.
HLEB: I will transfer a set amount monthly to buy stocks when the price is right. It pays interest if you have a minimum of RM1,000.
Shares: Dividend from stock.
U.Trust: The first investment I did. I have 2 different unit trust with MBB and one PRS. Each counter is supposed to pay dividend but only received dividend from one counter. Last check still no paper lost. (Thankfully)
EFD: My Emergency Fund. Now just 50% of my 6 months expenses target. I try to set so that the interest is added into the principle. But some won’t let me do that.

Mid Year review
This year’s progress has been slow for both investment and dividend. Initially for this year I planned to invest RM10,000 before discovering the Debt Free Community. Right now I’m focusing on eliminating my consumer debt (Hire Purchase) before concentrating on my investment so I can put more fund to it but I will still put a small percentage of my salary into investment.

Investment Progress up until June 2019
JAN – MAR (RM1,350)
Can read from my IG post.
APR – JUNE (RM1,286.50)
Trust account: RM50
RSP: RM125
Dividend: RM79.50
Trust account: RM587
PRS: RM125
Dividend: RM320
Total JAN – JUNE 2019: RM2,636.50 (26.4%) from my RM10,000 goal.

“Slow progress is better than no progress.”

Early Exit Plan: Consumer Debt

Failing to plan is planning to fail.
-Benjamin Franklin.

Read my previous post about new car ownership cost for 2 years. My goal now is to cut short the tenure from 7 years to 4 – 4.5 years and save at least RM900 – RM1,300. The figure might not sound a lot but money saved here is fund that could be used somewhere else instead.

Got this figure from AutoWorld if I settle it in 2.5 years
The figure if I settle it in 2 years

The Plan and Loan Balance
Duration: 24 – 30 months / 60 months (By June 2021 – Dec 2021)
Loan Balance: RM27,461.70 / RM33,000 (As of June 2019)
Amount to pay per month: RM483
Amount to save per month: RM667 (2 years) / RM450 (2.5 years)

The Plan
I will continue paying the monthly installment. As for the extra payment, I will transfer it to an interest-bearing account (M2u Savers) and save until I have enough to settle it within my time-line. For start, I will put RM500 into this account every month and any extra money I have left from my monthly allowance. Hopefully in 2 – 2.5 years I’ll be able to save up RM16,000 to settle my loan in one go.
I will have to pay the full RM27k if I follow my original plan. Got some advice from one of my IG post about car extra payment. (Thank you!!!)

I think it helps a lot to post your progress online. For instance, I created an IG account (@AiryLilM) and this blog solely for this purpose and to connect with like-minded individuals and get inspired by their stories and journey, they are one of the reason I’m determined to cut short my loan tenure. Been a silent reader for years before I stop procrastinating about starting to jot down my journey.
I hope 10 years later I can look back and say I’m glad I started to plant my little tree.

My little advice to those who wanted to do the same.
1) First, START. It’s the hardest part but don’t procrastinate.
2) Track your expenses, I’m using MoneyLover because I can see how much money I can spend before going over-budget. You can set a reminder if you’re the type that tend to forget about it.
3) Do a budget after payday and update your progress for previous month. I follow a zero-based budget where the Total Debit each month will be the same as my Net Salary.
Key to success is to not strain yourself. Tighten your belt bit by bit and do not go cold turkey!

Here’s my template. Feel free to save and adjust accordingly

4) Set your plan. Big plan (eg to settle PTPTN loan in X years) and break it into little parts with action plan (To pay Y amount per month). Again, don’t strain yourself. Set an amount that you’re comfortable with but make sure it’s higher than your monthly interest.
5) Be consistent. At first the progress will be slow but with consistency it will be possible.

All the best! And I shall post my progress here.

Personal Finance Reality Show

Personal Finance Reality Show

I wish we have shows like this in Malaysia cater to Malaysian audiences. Sadly it’s only in Cantonese (sorry guys). I will try my best to summarize the content of this show.

This episode features a 25 year old girl who wants to save HK$80,000 (4 times salary) to help her family with their renovation cost and for long term would like to have a capital of HK$300,000 (15 times salary) in 3 – 4 years to expand her business to become an established online business.

She then list down her monthly expenses, coming to around HK$12,800 (largest expenses being credit card repayment at around HK$4,000 or 20% of salary). Her salary is in the range between HK$15,000 – HK$20,000. To achieve her goal, she has to save between HK$5,000 – HK$7,000 a month, roughly 25% – 35% of her salary.

So for a week she has to track her expenses and limit her spending to HK$100 a day (0.5% of salary). She has to limit her credit card spending and pay cash instead.
The PF guru also advise her to start working on her online shop instead of waiting until she has enough capital. And the most important thing is to find your own niche in the market because there are a lot of people doing the same thing. Do not try to be the best but try to be the most unique.

What we can learn
1. It’s important to start. Do not hesitate.
2. Set a daily budget for yourself and stick to it.
3. Curb impulsive purchase especially with credit card. Use cash from your daily budget.

I watch a lot of finance related documentaries in Youtube. I guess I just like to see things from different perspectives and sometimes count my blessing as I think our situation is better even though we’re living in a developing country. Enough knowledge sharing for today.

K is two!

K is my knight in shining armour (quiet literally).
(In five years time he’ll be wholly mine. Now still technically belongs to PB.)
^ it was written before I was “enlighten”.

Before I were into the whole #DebtFree concept recently, I was quiet contented paying the monthly installment like most people. But now I have a change of heart and mission. I want to cut short the tenure. Especially knowing the numbers for the cost of ownership for just 2 years. I can’t imagine what the numbers are for imported car and this is supposed to be an affordable car (say what?!).

Car ownership cost
Hi I’m K.
Apparently this is the only photo my owner has.

Today’s topic: Car Ownership.
Before this I was driving a second hand manual kancil that I bought with RM5,600 of cold hard cash and fixing it with another RM2,000 in two major services. It served me well for 20 months before I decided to buy a new car because rainwater is leaking into the interior, and with my wild imagination of the floor suddenly giving way and slicing my body into two or more parts while on the road (gory, i know), it only make sense to get a new and affordable car. My criteria is simple, small.

I’ve been diligently jotting down my car expenses for the past two years because data is beautiful. And I always wanted to know how much it cost me to own it.

Let’s see the beautiful data.
Year 01: 2017

On average about RM1099.14 per month

Year 02: 2018

On average about RM708.48 per month

Year 02: 2019

For the sake of a full 2 years ownership cost

And the numbers are in…
For a full 2 years ownership cost for a brand new Perodua Axia SE;- RM24,240.50 (on average RM1,010.00 a month). I’m surprised with the number. With an additional of RM7,000, I can buy a brand new lower spec one and it’s not even half way yet. OMG.

And I still have around RM30k loan to pay. But I did not regret buying this car because to commute from my place to work and back, I’ll have to take 4 – 5 public transport (Bus > LRT > Company’s Van (or Grab if missed) > Work > Company Van (or Grab if missed) > LRT > Bus). And I’ll have to be very punctual and waste a lot of time commuting. But if I have a car, I’ll have more freedom and less stress.

Before this when I was a student, I used to take a lot of public transport and met all sorts of stalkers and weirdos. It’s really not safe to take public transportation at night, that I can say.

So the next step is to plan for an early exit.

P/S: My fancy big company with a new customer-centric CEO told us we are getting BONUS. This is the quote that I like from the meeting, “If you think you are too big to do small things, you are too small to do big things.” I will humbly serve my client well so please give me a big fat bonus. Key word is: FAT! haha